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How it started

Charlie, our grandfather, was a remarkable guy who lived to the age of 97 with great gusto and enthusiasm! It was only during his last 10 months that he needed some assistance. Our family was integrally involved in his end of life care which, for a time, included keeping him company in the hospital and nursing home.

It was during this time that the idea for akesso began to gel. As I watched the various healthcare professionals, I was amazed by how physically demanding their jobs are. I began to think of them as "athletes in scrubs." It struck me that the shoes they were wearing were designed for other end purposes and not the specific environments in which they work.

As we got to know a good number of Charlie's healthcare providers, I asked them about the shoes they wore and found that most were not happy with their current choices. They wanted stylish shoes, so would often sacrifice comfort and safety. Many complained of foot, ankle, knee and back pain and were concerned about slipping and falling, or had already suffered injuries as a direct result of their footwear choices: Twisted and broken ankles, foot fractures and sprains to name a few. Also, having regular contact with bodily and other fluids, they were afraid of germs getting on and in their shoes.

These health care workers were experts; they knew how to take care of Charlie. I knew shoes, and knew I could create a better solution for them.

Our innovative footwear combines the best features of a running sneaker--light weight and flexibility--with the support and convenience of a clog, without having to compromise on either.

akesso shoes provide comfort to those on their feet all day; safety for those who work where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards; and style for professionals who want to look good on the job.

Bruce Todtfeld